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  5. It makes me mad! Happened twice this month both at odds of 31!! I am sure if I was not laying all the times the variance would be different....
  6. I had a turnover bet on a $31 horse in race3 at Ballarat that just won on BBET...
  7. Great advice thanks @brando3636
  8. @DavidA I am by no means an expert, I’ve been doing this for a couple of months, but have managed some decent results. the big change for me was having a set lay amount that I use for either placing a bet to attain a bonus or turning over a bonus bet. i always have an amount that is an underlay, so usually in the 40-45 dollar mark, that way I get a small profit if the horse wins as well. when turning over bonus bets I have an underlay that gets me a 70-75% return. Yes I can get more, but since this is an underlay have had some big Booms as when the horse wins you can make a good profit. howver this method has eased my stress and has enable me to put as close to jump time as possible.
  9. What a start @DavidA well done mate. Matcha certainly is a useful tool and in time you're going to find it easier in the 5-10mins before the race starts. Horse racing offers can be so lucrative. Keep at it and if you need any help let us know.
  10. Hi @Adam & @ChrisJ, Just wanted to let you know that I’m still a total novice at match betting, but I used Matcha today for the first time & have ended up with a $148 profit ! That pays for my monthly membership already and I’m wrapped !! I also ended up with 5 bonus bets and each of those are now locked in for around $25 - $30 profit each once they all finalise in the next 24 hours or so. I couldn’t have done that without watching all your videos & reading the forums etc and I’m still very, very new, but really happy after today’s result. The area I think I need to work on though is being more confident on the bets. I’ve been using Matcha & your 2nd/3rd Guarantee calculator all day and it’s led me to success. But the thing is I still need to place my bets around 15-30 minutes before they jump as right up to race time the numbers move too fast for me and I don’t have time to go back to the calculator to readjust my calcs/bets as then when I go to bet, its moved again and I get confused and very nervous about what I’m doing. That will improve over time I’m sure, but for today as a newbie, I think I’ve done OK. So just wanted to say thanks guys to what you have developed & teach us and look forward to more betting success. Cheers !
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  12. Hi @Bree welcome to the matched betting community. Yeah we are able to help with all things +EV There are many sharp minds in the pro community who are very generous with the information they share.
  13. Something you said above really clicked with me. This must be the only forum or "Social Media" space that has no negative comments. That is one thing all concerned with the site can be proud of.
  14. When I opened my Neds account, the first 11 bets I had with promos produced 10 winners. I was gubbed at that point with them. They must have thought I was some sort of genius. It was quick to ban I thought as any punter can get on a roll. I've 30 or 40 races in a row without a winner so big runs both ways do happen.
  15. Hi Bree, just sent you a welcome message before I saw this. We follow the +EV. So whilst we can't guarantee that we will find winners in any given event, we can almost guarantee (minus user human error) that you'll be profitable over the long-term following our strategies. In short, yes we have advanced strategies that we discuss at Pro level. Regardless, give us a shout and we can arrange a chat about what we have to offer you.
  16. Hiya all, I stumbled across this site while googling. Is it only about matched betting, or does the community on here offer advice on more advanced topics like finding winners in racing (horse, greyhound and trots), as well as arbitrage (both sports and racing) and also middle bets (I’m guessing these are more sports related than racing). I feel reasonably confident I understand most of the concepts of matched betting, but want to try and branch out in to other ways to make money from bookies too.
  17. Thanks for clarifying this up for me , no I haven't had any warning emails from them about gubbings. BBET are so dodgy as well. I will just use the money on their Saturday horse racing promos, hopefully the $50 one comes back 😄 and dutch the rest
  18. Hey @Armypies007 turnover basically means any money bet at the minimal odds the bookie specifies. Regardless of whether it wins or loses. It terms of Bet Deluxe stating that they "ask" that winnings from Bonus Bets be turned over, I've had them say that to me, and all I can say is that it is very, very cheeky on their behalf. New legislation that was brought in earlier this year specifically forbade bookies from making you turnover winnings from Bonus Bets. By saying that "they ask" seems to be a cheeky way of getting most punters to do it. You can easily challenge them on that and they pretty much will rescind asking you that, but it could lead to a gubbing. So yeah, very cheeky on their behalf. When providing a deposit match, they can put requirements in place for you to turnover the amount deposited or received in bonuses. So you need to bet that amount at the minimal odds they specify before you can get your funds out. It seems like you have completed this, so they are playing around with that Bonus Bet turnover thing. I think sites like Bet Deluxe and BBet that use that same we design also have trouble tracking turnover accurately (maybe a case of how convenient to the bookies!). I would probably gently raise this with Bet Deluxe. Your other option is to suck it up I guess and just turn the bonus bet winnings over if you want to be super cautious about avoiding a gub. Have you had a warning email from the yet at all about hitting promos?
  19. I would like some help with he whole bet turn over thing... My BetDeluxe deposit offer email also stated that **we ask that you turn over the deposit at least once on odds of $1.80 or greater* *We also ask that you turn over any winnings from a bonus bet at least once at odds of $1.80 or greater * What exactly counts as a turnover ?? If I put on a bet of $100 from my deposit money and the bet loses does that count towards a deposit turnover? I need to turn over $300 and I have placed $450 worth of bets with my initial deposit money I have also won $427 from my bonus money my withdraw amount is only $28 so I'm really unsure what I need to do exactly
  20. Awesome mate. I look forward to chatting with you and helping you how I can.
  21. Hi @cambo6torres and welcome to the community. Feel free to ask any questions you may have and I look forward to helping you be successful in this game.
  22. Hi @jaydenyounger welcome to the group 🙂 As @Sam has pointed out, you are certainly in the right place to assist with your goals. I look forward to following your journey as you profit from the bookmakers. Feel free to ask any questions and I also look forward to helping you achieve your goals.
  23. Hi @panther71 welcome to the community and I look forward to following how you progress in this journey and make some nice profits from it. Definitely would echo what @Sam has said and to start of slowly and get your processes down-pat. In addition to that, do a lot of reading including here and on the Bonus Money site where we have step by step instructions for new members. Also ask a lot of questions and get involved in the community! 🙂 We have a very helpful community and everyone started at the beginning at one point.
  24. Welcome @panther71 great to have you on board. The best tip... If I had to give you just one tip it would be to start off slow. Taking the appropriate actions at the right time can often be the difference in between success and failure. I've seen it too many times in the past that people are trying to run before they can walk and this can lead to mistakes. I'm glad that you have done some homework before placing the first bet, as reading our introductory guide is a massive step. From your questionnaire response, I can see you have a Betfair account. You'll also need a TAB account too. Ensure that you have $500 ready to use across both of these sites. Once you've done that, we can arrange a call and guide you through your first profits! Just let us know
  25. Hi everyone, I'm new here and look forward to making a few extra dollar through match betting. I've done a fair bit of reading but whats the best tip out there in getting started?
  26. Thanks, Crypterium 🙂 Yes, the Superpick orange/yellow icon on certain matches in there 🙂
  27. HI @Bree It sure is! Naughty Rob. Yeah, just let him know this and you'll be good to withdraw
  28. The TAB 'scores first and lose has hit twice for mine, but I've recently preferred to replace the Betfair draw stake with TAB, which isn't part of the promo, so it counts towards some mug bets, not too mention pulls a wee amount out of the account into BF.
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