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    I'm Jason, a WA boy who works in Vic and has his family in TAS. Just want to introduce myself, looking to supplement my income (and pay my travel expenses!) and have a bit of no risk fun at the same time, happy to take advice and throw myself into the community.
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    Hi again, I might be new to bonusmoney but I may be a little older than some here. I've been punting since I was about 10 yrs old and now I'm 60+. Anyway I am over the moon with the Offers Calendar and I think it will be a great asset to us all. Just a warning to some of the newbies please note some bookies trade under diifferent names this may be why you get Gubbed! If you have any better graphics about bookies I think it would be good to put up. Remember you have Betfair owned by one of the corporates here too! So just be careful taking offers straight from Ladbrokes then going to Neds and taking there offers as they are the same people. Anyway Happy Punting all! Should be a great week end. Rosehill looks like a heavy 8 at the moment so I'll be giving that a miss on Saturday if they run!
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    Hello everyone, I took long enough to get here. However, better late than never. I am really very pleased to be here and to join this very select group of driven people.
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    Thank you for the "heads up" I am going to need it, because I had already signed up to a few of the bookies for quite a number of months now- and I don't qualify for new member/sign up bonuses. Hopefully there will be a few on this weekend and given the Melbourne Cup is upon us 😉
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    Hi, I am new to matched betting environment. I hope with the help of expertise, I am able to get most out of this opportunity. Thanks.
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    Hey @Profitmaster321 as posted in another thread, welcome to out great community, You get so many benefits as a Pro Member and direct access to staff and other highly experienced and helpful fellow pro members is one the most important of these. I look forward to seeing your profits grow and helping you to achieve this.
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    Thankfully only had to turnover the money once at the $1.50 odds on the races for both of these bookies , Matcha made it super easy! and I even managed to pick up a few bonus bets with RW doing the turnover 🙂
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    Its not great, but it could be worse, and to be honest turnover requirements used to often be far worse before the new legislation that came in last year that forbid things like making customers turn over bonus winnings and such multiple times. Just try and be as precise as possible and/or use their promo races for turnover and it shouldn't be too bad. Real Bookie's odds are relatively decent fortunately.
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    Actually this is probably the first tip lol, following the blue-print. Getting your TAB betting jurisdiction correct, the second. Sucks seeing members that have set it to WA without knowing that's a promo dead-end.
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    First things first... when setting up your TAB account... do not set betting jurisdiction to WA but Vic or Tas... welcome all the same.
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    I'm Mel and new to this forum and matched betting. I look forward to learning and hope to share anything I learn with you all as well.
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    Hi @Melissa Davis welcome to the group and the wonderful world of Matched Betting. Its great that you are looking to learn and also share what you learn with the community. We have an outstanding, knowledgeable and helpful community here and the staff at Bonus Money love to see people do well in this world. Feel free to interact and ask as many questions as you like as it really is the best way to learn 🙂
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    Welcome to the group @Richard Cimbaro, I'm looking forward to seeing you learn and earn as well as helping you however I can. One good place to start is the Profit Making Blueprint set out by Adam One of the first ways to gain Bonus Bets is to complete sign-ups with new bookies who will often given you a welcome deposit match. That's generally the easiest and best place to start. Once those have been exhausted, there are then the more ongoing significant promos that we utilise to gain more bonus bets. Have a read through the profit-making blueprint and the Bookmaker Welcome Bonuses threads, as well as other areas of this community and the Bonus Money Website. https://bonusmoney.com.au/guides/ In terms of the Matcha, it is a brilliant tool that makes the racing process far easier and helps you to be much more efficient. You don't need to purchase the software. As a Bonus Money Pro customer you get full access for free. Bonus Money Free customers can practice using it with Sportsbet.
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    Hi Mel, welcome! We'd love to get you started on your matched betting venture. Tell us a little bit about how you found yourself here, what you'd like to achieve and where we can help you first and foremost. Chat soon Sam
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    Awesome Chris have a top weekend :)
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    Hi guys, I saw this on a facebook group and thought I'd give it a small go. Why not? :)
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    Back at ya - so awesome people! love the warm welcome and welcome response. : ) Profitmaster321
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    We're starting to push more valuable content to you all. What we want from you, is to decide what will be the first. Initially, we will be putting together an in-depth video on the topic below that gets most votes. Any other suggestions are of course welcome, and just let us know in the Facebook comments! You can go here and vote: https://www.facebook.com/groups/753561628179863, this poll will be live til Saturday! Cheers!
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    Thanks guys for your responses - is really appreciated, and am impressed on how helpful everyone has been especially both guys at the top too! Am taken on everything that you have said and am slowly working around all the links and guides that have been given to me around work and family commitments so have eased right back on a lot of matched betting at present until I gain as much knowledge as possible to try and focus on the longer term gains with the bastards ( I mean Bookies) rather than the immediate higher returns that may be short lived. As a Husband and Father of 4, I am doing everything that I can to learn as much as possible from you more experienced guys and maximise opportunities offered through Bonus Money... Once again thanks and let the Journey continue... Cheers, Mike Brown
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    Well done @Profitmaster321! Yeah navigating Betfair and getting comfortable with it, is an important part of your learning process. Feel free to contact Betfair if you have any questions for using their service, Ive found that they tend to be pretty helpful. This is of course in addition to discussing Betfair and asking questions about them in this community, where we can definitely help you to negotiating their website and processes.
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    Hi @Felicity Banks and @Profitmaster321 welcome to the group and thanks for introducing yourselves. We at Bonus Money love to see people do well in this game and improve their situations at the expense of bookmakers. You have definitely come to best place to learn how to do this, and we have a great community of highly-experienced and helpful people. Read up on content that we have available in the community and definitely feel free to interact. It is seriously probably the best ways for most people to learn and grow their skill sets in this game, therefore improving profit-making. Feel free to ask any questions that you have as it is a great way to learn 🙂
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