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  1. Hey @Armypies007 turnover basically means any money bet at the minimal odds the bookie specifies. Regardless of whether it wins or loses. It terms of Bet Deluxe stating that they "ask" that winnings from Bonus Bets be turned over, I've had them say that to me, and all I can say is that it is very, very cheeky on their behalf. New legislation that was brought in earlier this year specifically forbade bookies from making you turnover winnings from Bonus Bets. By saying that "they ask" seems to be a cheeky way of getting most punters to do it. You can easily challenge them on that and they pretty much will rescind asking you that, but it could lead to a gubbing. So yeah, very cheeky on their behalf. When providing a deposit match, they can put requirements in place for you to turnover the amount deposited or received in bonuses. So you need to bet that amount at the minimal odds they specify before you can get your funds out. It seems like you have completed this, so they are playing around with that Bonus Bet turnover thing. I think sites like Bet Deluxe and BBet that use that same we design also have trouble tracking turnover accurately (maybe a case of how convenient to the bookies!). I would probably gently raise this with Bet Deluxe. Your other option is to suck it up I guess and just turn the bonus bet winnings over if you want to be super cautious about avoiding a gub. Have you had a warning email from the yet at all about hitting promos?
  2. Awesome mate. I look forward to chatting with you and helping you how I can.
  3. Hi @cambo6torres and welcome to the community. Feel free to ask any questions you may have and I look forward to helping you be successful in this game.
  4. Hi @jaydenyounger welcome to the group 🙂 As @Sam has pointed out, you are certainly in the right place to assist with your goals. I look forward to following your journey as you profit from the bookmakers. Feel free to ask any questions and I also look forward to helping you achieve your goals.
  5. Hi @panther71 welcome to the community and I look forward to following how you progress in this journey and make some nice profits from it. Definitely would echo what @Sam has said and to start of slowly and get your processes down-pat. In addition to that, do a lot of reading including here and on the Bonus Money site where we have step by step instructions for new members. Also ask a lot of questions and get involved in the community! 🙂 We have a very helpful community and everyone started at the beginning at one point.
  6. So glad to hear all of this @Armypies007. There are a few people who come to Matched Betting after trying to win through the bookies other ways and losing. Matched Betting is absolutely a better way. You don't need to hope about it. Just follow the processes and you've turned the mathematical advantage in your favour and will profit from them over time. Stick to it and cut out gambling entirely. Gambling will just work against you as hand things back to the bookies. Play the game on your terms, not their's. Keep working on building your bankroll up. Don't expect every week to be a cracking one, but celebrate the ones that are, and just keep patiently learning and working the processes. That's really all you really need to do to turn things around in the long term and ending up winning against the bookies. I really look forward to following your progress here more and more 🙂
  7. Hey @WAPWAPWAP. I just wanted to also welcome you to the group along with other Bonus Money staff, and I look forward to helping how I can to help you make those early profits and hopefully ongoing ones 🙂
  8. That's an awesome result @Armypies007. Well done, I love seeing this! I look forward to continuing to follow your journey and helping out how I can for you to continue to be successful.
  9. Hi @igor, welcome to the group. We at Bonus Money, as well as so many of our members, are more than happy to help people on their journey in Matched Betting. I look forward to following your journey here and happy to help with questions that you might have moving forwared.
  10. Welcome to the group @DavidA, I look forward to following your journey here. Hopefully you can make some nice profits from the bookmaker and you have come to the right place to help to achieve this. One of the best ways to aid in your profit-making journey, is to learn and grow your knowledge and skill set. Interacting with other members here is great way to help achieve this. Thanks for introducing yourself to the group, and as @Adam points out, if you have any questions, we at Bonus Money are more than happy to help out.
  11. Welcome to the group @MBrun and I look forward to hearing about your progress here. You have definitely come to the right place. The best way to grow your skills and knowledge is to read and interact with others. This community and the Bonus Money website has a wealth of information and our community if full of very knowledgeable and helpful. members. We at Bonus Money are also always keen to see people do well out of this and help them do so. Don't be afraid to ask questions, its the best way to learn and never be afraid to ask them. We all started at the beginning at some point, even @Adam and @Sam. Yes even them! 🙂
  12. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing it too @ksmith301. I love seeing people succeed in this game and following their journeys. Thanks for all your contribution to the forum so far and I look for to following your journey more and more 🙂
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