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  1. Hey @Oliver March, @Crypterium nails the answer as he basically always does. A lot of the bookies you will be able to find a promotional market to turn over money, and many will alow you to turn over money on promotional markets. So just make sure that you check if there are any of these opportunities. There are a few that won't allow you to do this though and/or may not have that many promotional markets, such as the bookies that mainly offer deposit matches as incentives. The Betfinder/Oddsmatcher are obviously great tools to find as close as possible matches with Betfair, and as @Crypterium points out are the easiest for new members and you don't have the odds constantly changing as with most racing.
  2. Welcome to the group @Marta Brozynska 🙂 Just out of curiosity, have you done Matched Betting in the past? As @Crypterium righly points out Crownbet is long gone and the bookie landscape has changed quite considerably since it was in existence. Some big players have merged, but we have also very pleasantly seen the arrival of a range of newer track or "rail' bookies giving Matched Bettors a considerable amounts of new options. I would definitely encourage you to go through the lists of bookies and smaller bookies that we have information on in this community. As well as some of their welcome offers. There is a heap to take advantage of and we have a wonderful community of experienced Matched Bettors and staff here who are sharing experienced and tactics with all the bookies we have at our disposal today. https://community.bonusmoney.com.au/index.php?/forum/8-bookmakers/ https://community.bonusmoney.com.au/index.php?/forum/7-bookmaker-welcome-bonuses/
  3. Welcome to the group Cheyne. As I have posted to your question in the communty. Interaction, asking questions and learning the content are the best ways to learn for those new to this world. Feel free to join in here, we have a wonderful community and a huge range of learning content, for those at the very beginning of this journey, to highly experienced members. One of our founders @Adam has also written up this great Profit-making blue-print for advising members through some of the most important steps to growing and learning in this world.
  4. From the Facebook Community "Hey guys very new to matched betting any advice for the rookie ?"
  5. Its not great, but it could be worse, and to be honest turnover requirements used to often be far worse before the new legislation that came in last year that forbid things like making customers turn over bonus winnings and such multiple times. Just try and be as precise as possible and/or use their promo races for turnover and it shouldn't be too bad. Real Bookie's odds are relatively decent fortunately.
  6. They said that? Damn bookie customer service can be annoying sometimes urrgghhh. How could they not know what that means!
  7. Hi @Cecily Duke, welcome to the group, I look forward to seeing you have a profitable journey in this game, as do almost all of our members. Firstly, you are certainly on track in the beginning by joining the oldest and most knowlegable and Matched Betting service in Australia. Definitely read up on as much content as you can, as well as to interact and ask questions in the group. We have a wonderful community and I looking forward to helping you how I can 🙂
  8. Props again to @Crypterium for some very helpful and informative answers and advice once again too. Yep, with TAB you can live in one state but set the betting location and juridstiction to another, allowing those from highly promo-restricted states to access the promos of others. Probably best to put jurisdiction as Vic I would say @Jason Mercer if you work there a lot.
  9. Welcome to the group @Jason Mercer and the wonderful world of Matched Betting. All of those things you have listed are definitely possible, and Matched Betting remains one of the best side-hustles possible when done correctly. Being a member of Bonus Money makes things so much easier and saves so much time as we do much of the leg work and you have access to the most knowlegable community in Australia when becoming a pro member. Its definitely possible to have fun with Matched betting too. Watching sports, knowing that things are in your favour and not the bookies and that you have a chance of profiting from certain results at minimal risk can be truly enjoyable. Feel free to get invovled and interact as much as you like. It really is the best way to learn.
  10. Welcome to the group @James Ledwidge. As @Carla has pointed out, feel free to get engaged as much as you like and ask questions. In addition to reading all the information and content that we have available.
  11. Hey @Armypies007 some of these new little rail bookies seem to be updating or making up their turnover requirements on the go a bit. I have attached a screenshot of their latest ts and cs. In it they are basically saying that when bonuses are received as part of a deposit match, the deposit will need to be turned over twice at odds of 1.50 or more on racing only. Sport is not included. I have some doubts whether that was always the case with them to be honest, but that is what they stipulate now. They don't seem to say that races covered with promotions are not included as part of turnover, so maybe using them on their promotional races are the best way to acheive this. Or try and get as close a match with them and betfair as possible on horses at 1.50 or more and back and lay.
  12. Hi @Melissa Davis welcome to the group and the wonderful world of Matched Betting. Its great that you are looking to learn and also share what you learn with the community. We have an outstanding, knowledgeable and helpful community here and the staff at Bonus Money love to see people do well in this world. Feel free to interact and ask as many questions as you like as it really is the best way to learn 🙂
  13. Welcome to the group @Richard Cimbaro, I'm looking forward to seeing you learn and earn as well as helping you however I can. One good place to start is the Profit Making Blueprint set out by Adam One of the first ways to gain Bonus Bets is to complete sign-ups with new bookies who will often given you a welcome deposit match. That's generally the easiest and best place to start. Once those have been exhausted, there are then the more ongoing significant promos that we utilise to gain more bonus bets. Have a read through the profit-making blueprint and the Bookmaker Welcome Bonuses threads, as well as other areas of this community and the Bonus Money Website. https://bonusmoney.com.au/guides/ In terms of the Matcha, it is a brilliant tool that makes the racing process far easier and helps you to be much more efficient. You don't need to purchase the software. As a Bonus Money Pro customer you get full access for free. Bonus Money Free customers can practice using it with Sportsbet.
  14. Hi @Malcolm Guy, ready to the group and to the world of Matched Betting if it new to you. We have an outstanding amount of tools, information and support available to our pro members, to help them be as successful as possible in this game. Feel free to interact and ask as many questions as possible in this group, because it is one of the best ways to learn. Looking forward to following your progress here.
  15. Welcome to the group @Isaac Harbour, you have come to the right place! I look forward to following your journey here and helping as I can. We have a great community here, so feel free to interact and ask as many questions as you like.
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