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  1. Hi 😀, Just got a question, I might be wrong, but just want to understand. On this page: https://bonusmoney.com.au/guides/expected-value/ Under the "Example of an ‘If Bet’ offers" heading where the EV is calculated for a 2nd/3rd offer for the horse named "Vivendi". There is an image that shows the text (with typos 😝 haha): Probabiliy of horse coming first = 1/2.78 = 36% So from my understanding, the back odds denote the probability of something happening and the lay odds denote the probability of something NOT happening. But in this example, the 2.78 value above is the lay odds. Shouldn't this use the win back odds of 2.70 from the bookmaker? ...or maybe the win back odds from betfair which is 2.76? I'm confused. So the probability of the horse coming first should be worked out using the odds 2.70, not 2.78? ...but if that example is wrong, then the overs calculator would also be wrong, which makes me think I'm wrong 😆
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