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  1. It makes me mad! Happened twice this month both at odds of 31!! I am sure if I was not laying all the times the variance would be different....
  2. I had a turnover bet on a $31 horse in race3 at Ballarat that just won on BBET...
  3. yes they never win when you let them go without matching on Betfair! I swear my winning percentage on BBET must be 40% and over!
  4. The other day a horse in race 5 at Sandown won at odds of 31!! Don't get my started!!
  5. Yeah I agree the AP's is the game changer but have to be confident and be able to navigate through variances from time to time.
  6. I have started using matcha for turnover bets more and more close to jumping time
  7. Hope it works out. I think if you have a 50/50 split should work out. However it is always a struggle to find turnover bets.
  8. Hi Popey have you worked out how to keep accounts alive yet? I am still struggling with it
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