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  1. The day i start AP will be the day these bloody things stop winning. Wasnt with BBet but one of my bonus bets today was Travmyfriend in Melb
  2. Anyone that wants to know what bets I put on with BBET guarantee you will make money. The more I try to lose with them the more I win (unfortunately)....think its going to take a long time to run down last weeks bonus deposit! 😞
  3. Just logged in to an old BetEasy account that has been gubbed for ages basically just to see if i would get the $20 free bet with Sportsbet.....omg they gave me a $1000 welcome bonus!! I have no idea why.....all my other accounts that are still healthy and going i received just the $20 with none of BetEasys other promos.
  4. i suppose ive become so paranoid of account protection Ive even become conscious of going for slightly lower EV and taking bonuses of horses of horses no higher than $15 as i think it just looks plain obvious. My next step is to have the balls to AP these bets.....this is where i really need some lessons
  5. Horse racing mate close to jump time.....using Matcha you cant help but not see green matches (definitely on Saturdays!)
  6. Also my most recent Sportsbet A/c deliberately didnt bet on a promo market for first three weeks of it opening just betting $30 line bets. The account is still going strong....however too strong for my liking.....bloody bonus bets keep winning! Just hoping they appreciate the amount of non promo bets im doing??
  7. Mate ive been doing a lot of line bets in NRL and AFL Basically just backing team A with Ladbrokes ($2 lines) then backing team B with another corporate. Either break even or just lose a couple of dollars. A lot of times there can be at least a point difference in lines....the other day i accidently hit a middle lol. But the purpose of the exercise is simply chucking in a stack of bets that aernt promos
  8. You have come to the right place mate. Like anything the more effort you are prepared to put in the better your results. We have just pretty cluey members here and whats better they are decent people. Basically never be afraid to ask questions and you will simply then be making steady profits. I started matched betting at start of COVID as i needed a reliable income stream....it has honestly been a blessing in disguise. Your biggest issue wont be weather you win/lose (thats a given!).....it will be keeping accounts alive. It will probably take a few gubbed accounts to actually comprehend this however account protection is vital! Good luck!
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