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  1. Hi Adam, Thank you. Not comfortable with Matcha...yet - give me a few days and I should be on top of it. Given I have 10 days to for the Betfair bonus it seems reasonable that I will rack up enough on the horses to qualify for the full $100. Another quick question - with soccer, if I back and lay one team, what happens if it is a draw? Does my lay bet still win? Thanks again, Scooter
  2. Hi everyone, Been kind of following along for a while but finally took the plunge yesterday. Have done the TAB bonus and working on Ladbrokes at the moment. Woke up this morning to a Betfair bonus - 20% boost on winnings on all Australian racing markets (thoroughbred, greyhound, harness) up to $100. My newbie question is, what is the best way to play this bonus? Should I combine it with a bookie sign up bonus and hope my lay bets at betfair win so I can claim the 20%? Thanks in advance for your help, Scooter
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