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  1. Hi Mel, welcome! We'd love to get you started on your matched betting venture. Tell us a little bit about how you found yourself here, what you'd like to achieve and where we can help you first and foremost. Chat soon Sam
  2. Hi mate, welcome to the Community! We're looking forward to helping you make those profits. Tell us a little bit about where you are on your matched betting journey and what you'd like a hand with so that we can get the ball rolling!
  3. HI Malcolm, Cheers for joining! Let us know where you are at on your Matched Betting Journey so we can get you going. Thanks
  4. Send me a message on live chat, I'll sort that for you
  5. Welcome @Simon Vu! Let's get you rolling, let us know a little bit about where you are at on your Matched Betting journey. So we can get you onto the next step successfully. Which bookies are you currently signed up with?
  6. Good morning Hunter! Let's get you rolling! The first thing you need to do is get yourself a Betfair account Once you've done that, let's get your first welcome bonus completed! Before doing so, can you let me know what bookmakers you are currently signed up to? Cheers
  7. Welcome Chelsea! Great to have you on board. Take your time with the process and please reach out if you need a hand at all.
  8. Welcome Godons, I would avoid using VPN's altogether. Bookies are hot on them. If your housemates are wanting to get involved get them on their 4g devices and avoid using the WiFi. Ensure you get rid of Iesnare, check out this guide. Tax, one you'll have to speak to your accountant about. Some have different opinions from one another. Plenty of people are doing this full-time but it's not for the fainthearted. I certainly recommend for newcomers to pursue this as a side venture. Obviously, it's still great but the life-time on your bookie accounts for promo bans is less now than it was a few years ago. Now, those accounts with promo bans are not worthless, you can start make money by arbing them. This requires a fair bit of capital and a lot of patience to be rewarding. It is certainly not for everyone. TAB accounts, I believe it is still possible. Although you'll only be able to get bonuses from one of them.
  9. Welcome Brenton, thanks for joining! Let us know where you'd like some help and we can getting you going making those profits
  10. Hi @Kshittij Jain, Welcome to Bonus Money! It'll be a pleasure to help you succeed to the best of your abilities. You can jump on a success call with one of our experts and we can show you exactly how you'll achieve this. Go here to schedule that call! Speak soon
  11. Yeh, doesn't actually look like you made a mistake at all. When you go to place a bet on Betfair, it'll take the liquidity that's available at a better price first. So I assume from above you entered your Lay odds as 17 when placing your bet and there was some available at 16.5
  12. Hi @esketit, Here is an updated back/lay calc for you to use. Currently, only $69 of your lay stake will get matched. We know this as that's the figure available under the current lay odds. So that will leave $5.50 unmatched at this stage. Which I wouldn't worry about given the fact there's 4 days left for this bet to get matched. Worst case scenario from here would be that the remaining $5.50 won't get matched. Which would leave you with this. A minimum profit of $65.55. Lesson learnt though, always check that you have enough funds to cover the liability before placing any bet. It's better that this happened with a bonus bet rather than a cash bet. As at least we know you'll still take a decent profit rather than a larger qualifying loss.
  13. Welcome @Schisa222! As Adam has pointed out, all the latest info on the best bonuses can be found in the Pro Community. We can also provide you with live examples of turning over those bonuses into cash. We are available every afternoon Monday - Friday to go over examples with you through a call!
  14. Welcome to the wonderful world of Matched Betting! Looking forward to watching your journey unfold.
  15. Slow and steady wins the race. Take inspiration from others here in the community. Looking forward to watching you smash the bookies
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