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  1. The TAB 'scores first and lose has hit twice for mine, but I've recently preferred to replace the Betfair draw stake with TAB, which isn't part of the promo, so it counts towards some mug bets, not too mention pulls a wee amount out of the account into BF.
  2. By Superpick thing do you mean the promo icon, if so yes it needs to be there, can depend on where you are located? As for BB's daily plays vs BM's offer calendar the differences are two fold. Firstly with the daily plays you are being spoon-fed plays, so you don't learn to make your own dutches sharpish... whereas clicking on the event link in the offers calendar gives you the calculator, most times with all the required odds and you can pick and move the promo bookies to wherever you deem them most effective to hit. Secondly following spoon-fed plays that no doubt almost every other member is also partaking in, lumps you all in one group by the books... and is a quick route to the gub train. Make your own plays with the offers calendar and adjust your stakes accordingly.
  3. FWIW... with that above Dutching calculator example for the Sheffield/Wolves game... the TT promo paid out. So it's worth taking note of as a working example. The Brighton game was only 1 goal from paying out too.
  4. Give either or both TT and TAB promo's a go... they've been paying out. Closer to the games the better the odds. That example I gave you above already has a better qualifying loss.
  5. Put simply there are three outcomes in soccer. Team A wins, Team B wins, or there's a draw. So in your above example if there is a draw your scenario's 1 and 2 will lose. Hence the menage a trois calculator.
  6. Here's an example of the Sheffield vs Wolves game. You could add any other promo's in as well. You could also replace the Betfair stake in the draw column for a mug-bet on a non-promo bookie... there's a fair few other variables but here's a basic template.
  7. The simply answer is you've also got to include the draw and there's no easier way than using the Offer Calendar, clicking the event and using the Ductching Calculator. Yes you can play the TAB and TabTouch promo against each other in the dutch for an extra chance at the bonuses.
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