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  1. Not unless the event is cancelled etc... in that case Betfair lay will be cancelled too. I wouldn't worry about it at all. Do try to place bets as close to event as possible though... but if you have good retention % when starting out... go for it.
  2. Betfinder/Oddsmatcher for sports (or Betfinder), Matcha for races. Depending on the bookie, there might be some current sports promo's you can use to both turnover your deposit whilst potentially hitting bonuses too. The same applies to racing which is even easier if there are promo's. If you're new to this... use Betfinder/Oddsmatcher to start.
  3. CrownBet hasn't existed since it became BetEasy in 2017. BetEasy hasn't existed since it was absorbed into SportsBet this year.
  4. Actually this is probably the first tip lol, following the blue-print. Getting your TAB betting jurisdiction correct, the second. Sucks seeing members that have set it to WA without knowing that's a promo dead-end.
  5. Post lockdown in Vic they're thankfully all pretty much back to being about the same value with in-venues, mid-weekers and weekend races.
  6. First things first... when setting up your TAB account... do not set betting jurisdiction to WA but Vic or Tas... welcome all the same.
  7. Down to the WuFlu we've seen and almost infinite amount of on-trackers going online... so plenty more offers for matched-bettors (many 'retired' ones coming back to the fore).
  8. Welcome... no better start than here
  9. ''Am I better off just reinvesting the bonus bets in the horse racing again and taking a hit in the return say 50% instead of 70% to try and stay under the radar?'' Not at all. With Matcha you'll fairly easily be achieving 75% SNR retention on bonuses. As the odds will be far higher, $15plus, you could split your bonuses into $25 parcels so as you're not hitting >$500 too often when they do inevitably win on the book side.
  10. Quite simply, the easiest way to earn bonuses and to turn them over, is by using Matcha on the horses. You're already nailing excellent QL %'s... so Matcha will only enhance these further. However I would suggest you work through the profit-making blueprint first to build a decent bankroll, in conjunction with the above.
  11. Well Matcha will definitely help chasing promo's and turning over bonuses once you've got the hang of it. Work the blueprint all the same if you haven't already. https://community.bonusmoney.com.au/index.php?/forum/21-profit-making-blueprint/
  12. Use the Oddsmatcher for turning over on sports... or alternatively if you're onto the races, which is probably unlikely at this stage of your journey, use Matcha.
  13. Thanks to the spammer in the post above I became aware of this podcast. Great to show those that always ask me about matched betting. Great stuff @ksmith301. @Adam that is some impressive 'mo' lol!
  14. Bookmaker is part of GCV group (Neds/Lads)... so turnover those bonuses within the expiry period (jump right onto turning them over). Only signup with Neds and then Lads in that order after you're done with BM. RobWaterhouse will send you a deposit offer, or ask, or see the RW forum for any codes working. Betdeluxe has no affiliation to RW above, only same software provider... again wait for deposit offer, or just ask via livechat.
  15. Howdy and welcome. You might want to change your username if that is your real name... best to be incognito. Best of luck on your journey.
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