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  1. Hi @Felicity Banks and @Profitmaster321 glad you could both join us, We'll be in touch more in the next couple of days to ensure you are super successful. It's a friendly and helpful bunch around, just a very busy matched betting day for many!
  2. Hi @Orla Redmond welcome to the community, Have you done any matched betting before?
  3. Hi @Schisa222 Welcome to the matched betting community. Bookies are no longer allowed to advertise welcome bonuses as an incentive to get customers to join. Our pro members share with each other their experiences of which bookies are offering what bonuses. Letting you know if it is worth waiting for a better offer or to take what is given straight away. You can check all the latest information out if you go sign up to Bonus Money Pro https://community.bonusmoney.com.au/index.php?/forum/7-bookmaker-welcome-bonuses/
  4. Pleasure chatting with you @lifebeinit, I'm sure give it a few weeks you will be smashing it with other members. Check out a few of the matched betting diaries including @Armypies007 https://community.bonusmoney.com.au/index.php?/forum/26-matched-betting-diaries/ to see how others are scoring profits each and every week.
  5. Hi @KA-17, I'm looking forward to chatting with you later and helping you to your first matched betting profits! Adam
  6. Great advice thanks @brando3636
  7. What a start @DavidA well done mate. Matcha certainly is a useful tool and in time you're going to find it easier in the 5-10mins before the race starts. Horse racing offers can be so lucrative. Keep at it and if you need any help let us know.
  8. Hi @Bree welcome to the matched betting community. Yeah we are able to help with all things +EV There are many sharp minds in the pro community who are very generous with the information they share.
  9. Hi @scooter, I've sent you a link if you want a quick one on one training with the Matcha. To answer your question. Yes a lay bet means any other result other than the outcome you are laying and that bet will win. You can think of it like being a bookmaker where you are taking someone else's bet. In a horse race if you layed a horse called 'Seabiscuit' for $100 at odds of 5 then if any other horse wins your lay bet of $100 wins. You profit $100 minus the Betfair commission. If 'Seabiscuit' wins then you would have to pay out the liability for that bet which would be $400 ((odds - 1)* by your stake) So the same would apply on a soccer bet. Any outcome other than your lay (e.g the other team or a draw) and your lay bet wins.
  10. Hi @scooter, welcome aboard the community. The offer can definitely be used in conjunction with a welcome offer. How comfortable are you at using Matcha?
  11. Boom congrats @MakeItRain We are looking forward to helping you make your first matched betting profits! I've shot you a message so we can tee up a time to go through making a profit from an ongoing promotion
  12. Hi @cambo6torres welcome to the matched betting community. Once you're ready to get started profit making complete this short survey and we'll help you through the next steps. https://bonusmoney.com.au/getting-started/
  13. Congrats @DavidA please reach out if you need any help
  14. congrats @Popey what a nice bonus!
  15. Hi @mun_muns that's a great question. A bookmakers odds have a margin (how they make a profit) so they don't reflect accurately the chance of the outcome occurring. Betfair have shown that their SP reasonably accurately represents the chance of a horse winning. https://www.betfair.com.au/hub/betfair-starting-price-bsp/ The Betfair Back and lay prices are the prices you can take currently to back and lay. In a very efficient market the price may be 2.76 to back and 2.78 to lay. So using either of those figure or a figure in the middle of those would make little difference to your EV calculation. We err on the side of caution and under value our EV than over estimate. In the case above it would make little difference. But if you were using something like a greyhound market with little liquidity you may find the back brice is 3.2 and the lay price is 4.2. If you used the back price as the chance of that dog winning you may be overestimating it's chance. The lay price is the price you can effectively take so by using that in your calculations you are using figures that reflect what is currently available. In that case the true price may be somewhere in the middle, but also in inefficient markets there is plenty of opportunities for the price to move around quickly. Let me know if you have any more questions Adam
  16. Welcome @DavidA you’re in the right place And you’ve done the best thing possible by saying hello. Myself and the rest of the Bonus Money team and community will do everything we can to ensure you are successful. Take a look at the getting started guide which links to all the info you need to know. http://bonusmoney.com.au/getting-started But also feel free to ask any questions. Myself or Sam would be happy to jump on a quick video call if you want anything explained. That extra bit of support can really help. Nothing in matched betting is that difficult. And the rewards are great if you take the steps. Hope to be helping you more soon. Adam
  17. @MBrun welcome to the matched betting community. If you want to have a chat online or via video to go through the basics of matched betting and to help with your first bet just let me know. We will tee up a time for you.
  18. Hi @tobysmart14 welcome to the community, have a look at this page and let me know if you have any questions.today. https://bonusmoney.com.au/getting-started/ I'd love to help you get off to a profitable start
  19. Hi @igor let us know if you want help with completing your first matched bet as we are happy to walk you through it.
  20. Welcome back @twoflies there sure are many more opportunities currently. I'd recommend checking out all the smaller bookmakers as a place to start as deposit bonuses are always the easiest way to build a bankroll https://community.bonusmoney.com.au/index.php?/forum/29-smaller-bookmakers/
  21. Hi @WAPWAPWAP congrats on joining. We look forward to helping you. Our top advice is to head to the getting started page https://bonusmoney.com.au/getting-started/ I can see you are looking to do your first welcome bonus. let us know when you are ready to go and we'll check your first bets for you and help you through
  22. Adam

    Matched Betting Q&A

    Sam and Adam answer all your matched betting questions
  23. If you want to successfully start matched betting and making profits from bookmaker promotions here is our number one tip. Say hello to the community. Why does this work? Well the thing is to be successful with matched betting you need to take action. So by taking the simple action of introducing yourself you are already on the path to success. More than that though by letting us know what you need help with. Guess what? We will be there to help you. So are you going to take that first step? NOW: Go HERE, and start your introduction thread by simply clicking "start new topic" on the right hand side. Cheers Adam
  24. In this the first week's instalment of Kate's Matched Betting Diary we cover many of the common questions that people have when they start matched betting as well as meeting the start of the show 'Kate'! You can catch the full episode here
  25. Adam and Sam will be looking at the different methods of calculating the estimated true price of a selection. We'll be here live https://bonusmoney.com.au/live/ when it kicks off
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